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Residential home and lawn maintenance in Fort Myers, FL.

Keep Pests at Bay with Insect Control in Fort Myers, FL

Quality Results for Homeowners Who Appreciate the Difference!
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Your home is your place of solace. It’s where you and your family eat, play, and sleep. You never want to find meddlesome bugs or critters taking refuge in your domain. Keep pests away from your home with targeted insect control in Fort Myers, FL.

At Perfection Lawn & Pest Control, we deliver effective pest control and lawn control solutions to homeowners looking to keep their living spaces clean and comfortable. We specialize in everything from flea, tick, and grub control to rodent extermination. If there’s an animal or growth on your property that you want to get rid of, we’re here to help. Our seasoned technicians will conduct a thorough property assessment and design a home pest control plan that will help to put you at ease.

Lawn maintenance in Fort Myers, FL.

Treating Each Property We Service With Care

Florida is known for its beautiful sunsets, picturesque palm trees, and warm weather. Unfortunately, it’s also known for the annoying bugs that love it here just as much as our residents. That’s why having an effective home pest control plan is an essential part of southern living. Our exterminators will provide you with the extensive perimeter treatments and interior cleaning services you need to get rid of problem pests and keep them away.

In addition to our pest control treatments, we also offer palm tree care services and ornamental care. We extend the same level of care that we exhibit with our interior pest control services to your palms, shrubs, and lawn decorations. No aspect or element of your property is too big or too small to treat.

Lawn, Palm & Ornamental Care
Interior insect control in Fort Myers, FL.

Gain Lasting Solutions from Dedicated Exterminators

Hiring experienced exterminators can make a world of difference between earning temporary relief and ensuring the bugs and rodents leave for good. Our insect control team is keen to all of the places problem pests like to find shelter and will design a unique treatment plan that will make your home pest-free once again. Using top-of-the-line equipment, our specialists will provide you with lasting solutions that keep your lawns free of turf-damaging insects and restores the comfort of your home.

As homeowners ourselves, our exterminators know how hard you work to maintain the healthy, lush greenery, tasteful lawn ornaments, and well-groomed trees on your property. With over 25 years of experience to our name, you can rest assured that we’ll treat your property as if it were our own, no matter if we’re arming you against invasive insects or sprucing up your greenery.

Interior Pest Control

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