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General Household Pest control is an essential part of southern living. Florida is known for its beautiful sunsets, warm weather, palm trees and the bugs who love it here. Our certified professionals have over 25 years of experience and provide the following selection of services to keep your home pest free:

  • Attic Dusting
  • Extensive Quarterly Perimeter Treatments
  • Roach, Silverfish, Earwig, Ant Control And Prevention
  • Rat Trapping/monitoring (Tamper Proof Traps)
  • Initial Treatment Includes Interior Inspection,bait Gel In Wet Areas (Under Sinks, Bathrooms,etc.) And Complete Perimeter Treatment
  • Perimeter Treatment

When you sign up for our ongoing program, we guarantee results. If you have an issue between regularly scheduled visits, we will promptly return and take care of it. We invite you to try the Perfection Difference by calling us for a free no obligation price quote. Your home may be at risk for infestation from a variety of pests in Southwest Florida.  Our expertise and experienced technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and design a treatment plan that will put you at ease.  You can rest assured we will take care of your home like it were our own.  

German, Austrailian & American Cockroaches

German, Australian & American Cockroaches

Roaches are unwelcome visitors we all want to avoid. Our technicians have years of experience in the elimination and prevention of these uninvited guests and a host of their friends and relatives as well!
Attic Dusting

Attic Dusting

Attic Dusting is very useful in the control and prevention of Whitefooted Ants and Silverfish. It is recommended at our initial visit to have this service performed as an added barrier to potential or existing insects.

Rodent Bait Stations

Rodent Bait Stations 

We install and monitor Rodent Bait Stations around the outside of your home and property. Periodic inspections and bait replacement will offer you piece of mind and keep these unwanted critters at bay.