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Landscape Threats


Populations are beginning to surge in South Florida, raising the threat to ficus trees and hedges. The risk of widespread infestation and rapid defoliation is critical especially in our area! It is essential that this condition be treated properly to ensure the continued health and beauty of your ficus trees and hedges.

EARLY DETECTION combined with FAST-ACTING CONTROL are the keys to saving your ficus plants! Early whitefly infestation can be difficult to detect with the naked eye, so it is important to call us for an evaluation of your plants. If you recognize any of the signs of active whitefly infestation, populations are well established and you should call us immediately to request treatment. TOP 3 VISIBLE SIGNS: Yellow leaves, losing leaves, and whitefly 'skins' on leaves.

Our treatment program carries a ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE from the return of whitefly.


To read more click on the following link to the University of Florida: Read More...

Palm Weevils

Palm Weevils

SAVE YOUR PALMS! A number of palm species in Southwest Florida are being attacked by the palm weevil. These varieties include the Bismarckia, Sylvester, Canary Date and Medjoll Date palms.  Early infestations are very difficult to detect because the entry sites are usually covered with offshoots and fibers. Infestation is typically noticed when the palm has been severely damaged; it may contain a large number of larvae without showing early symptoms.  Careful inspection of infested palms may show holes in the crown or trunk, possibly with oozing brown liquid and chewed up fibers. The plague tends to enter palm trees via wounds, such as those caused by pruning, since the smell of sap attracts the beetle. Once a tree has become infected it is very difficult to reverse the condition or save the tree.  PREVENTION IS KEY! 


Call us today for a free, no obligation estimate to help protect your landscape investment. 

Click Here to the University of Florida for more information.


Broadleaf and nutsedge weed control is vital in maintaining a lush, beautiful south Florida lawn.
  Controling these pesky weeds takes knowledge and precision.  Let our professionals do the job the right way! 

 Click Here for weeds specific to our region from the University of Florida.